Tennessee: Clarksville to Gatlinburg

Tuesday October 15

We left Clarksville and Fletchers Fork, our home for the past 3 nights on Tuesday morning to head for Gatlinburg.  It was so beautiful this morning with the fall leaves falling in the cool breeze.

We needed to fill up the tank on the coach before heading out of town so we decided to drive separately over the the gas station across the street from Shea and Ashley’s apartment since the price was right!  After the fill up, we pulled into a Home Depot to hook up the Vue and hit the road.

The drive was just perfect.  Lots of fall colors, some nice up and down and not too much traffic, at least until we got into Sevier county, then all bets were off!



We arrived at our new home for the next 5 nights, Twin Creek RV Resort, just after 5:00.  Our site was up on the side of the hill and Stephanie had to back in up the hill and then into the spot…and as always, we were perfectly parked the first time!

We spent the evening with woodturner friends from St Pete Tony and Karen around a perfect campfire and then it was off to bed!


Stephanie and I spent the day in downtown Gatlinburg.  We checked out the big Craft Fair that Convention Center.  Lots of fun and interesting crafty items for the price of a $5 entry ticket…good stuff!  After the craft show, we walked down to the Pancake Pantry for a bite to eat.  They may have been the best pancakes we have ever had!!!  Stephanie ordered the Apple Cinnamon Pancakes and I opted for the Buttermilk.

After a bit of window shopping, we headed back to the car and drove the auto loop through the Smokies.  Very beautiful drive!


It rained overnight and we ran the heat for the first time in our coach. 


On the list today was a trip over to the Bush’s Baked Beans Museum and Café and then to check in at Arromont for my pen turning class.




We did not get to go to the factory but they had a fun movie, “Roll that beautiful bean footage”, information on their process and fun facts.  The café was quite good and if we were in the area again we would go back.  You even get a free sample of beans when you are seated!  Awesome!!


Friday & Saturday

While I was at class Stephanie did some serious shopping at the amazing Christmas Store in Pigeon Forge on Friday.  Saturday Stephanie headed over to North Carolina to visit the Biltmore Estate. 




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