The status quo

So, as usual it has been way too long since we have posted anything here.

We have been back in Florida since March of 2017. Our winter in Minnisota was cold and mostly uneventful but we needed some warmth so I found work back in St Petersburg, FL. Stephanie got right back in at Great Explorations pre-school and just started another year with a new set of kids.

I’m working for a small health care company, Health Axis Group, over in Tampa, I’ve been here since March 2018.

We are still dreaming and hoping for a remote position so we can travel again and I am going to start applying out for some soon. I had some health issues in April that turned out to be a good thing and I have more energy and brain power / motivation than I’ve had since my small stroke in 2013. So I’m ready for a new position and some travel!

We have been staying at Roberts RV in St Petersburg since arriving back in Florida in 2017. It’s a mostly ok park and is quiet most of the time (except for the airplanes landing at PIE and the killer cycles that like to race on Gandy at night.


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