Hot Springs National Park

After leaving San Antonio and Iron Horse RV with our new fully reinforced entry step (they welded a steel support structure under so it’s good and strong this time, thanks guys) we had a couple overnight’s in East Texas (College Station to see Papa Bush’s Library) and Texarkana to break up the drive to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

2016-04-30 12.21.25

Our parking spot for the week was at the National Park’s Gulpha Gorge Campground [our review].  This is a first come first serve park so we arrived early afternoon on Sunday and snagged an ok site (not on the stream).  After a conversation with the camp host, he said the people across from us (on the stream) were leaving in the morning so we could move there if we wanted (heck yeah!).  Normally switching sites is not OK here, so he was just way cool.

We spent afternoons sitting by the stream (or sometimes sitting in it) and treated our selves to a afternoon at the Qwapaw Bathhouse one afternoon for a hot spring water soak & massages. 

2016-05-05 18.49.56

Off to Memphis!


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