About Us

Welcome to RVSikeseeing.com like “RV Sight Seeing” (formerly SikesCentral.com)

We are Patrick & Stephnie Sikes.  We are in the final phase of downsizing and into our motorhome ‘Bettie’ to begin a full time RVing adventure.  We will leave our hometown (for the past 9 years) of St Petersburg, FL on March 1st.

Patrick is a Microsoft .NET developer and continues to work full time for his current employer  while traveling.

Stephanie has left her job as a pre-school teacher to hit the road, however she will be going back as a “floater” when we winter in FL 2016/2017.  She is also deeply involved in volunteer work for many charitable women’s organizations.

Our traveling Cats

Stanley, our 16 year old Norwegian Forest cat is a good traveler and prefers hanging out in the bedroom or on the living room couch while in motion.

Ole, our 5 year old Orange Tabby is an excellent traveler.  He turns into a completely different cat while traveling.  At home he is afraid of his shadow, on the road he is involved in everything.

2013-04-23 08.12.06      2014-01-30 18.34.44

The Norsk Woodshop

We also own The Norsk Woodshop specializing in handcrafted pens made from exotic wood and colorful resins. You can see our pens at http://www.norskwoodshop.com.


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