Monthly Archives: February 2016

We are officially on the road!!!

When we set a date of March 1st 2016 as our full time launch date only about 6 months out I was not sure we could actually hit it.  But then the to-do lists items started to be checked off, rooms in the house started to be thinned out, we had one killer of a garage sale, storage was booked and the movers came to take the big stuff we were keeping to the storage unit. 

After having a couple windows de-fogged at Suncoast Designers up in Hudson, FL, we moved Bettie onto a site at Roberts RV (where she has been stored since we bought her in 2013) and finished the move in process.  Well, finished is subjective, we are still trying to find spaces for the last few bits and there needs to be another purge round, but here we are.Stephanie and Tiffany all Trailer Trashed up!

On Saturday February 27, we moved over to our friends Tiffany and Rob’s to spend the night in their front yard post Trailer Trash Bon voyage party that they threw us.  It was a blast, all of our friends came and ate a ton of “trashy” food and junk then played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity.

Sunday morning, er, mid afternoon, we hit the road headed for Citrus Valley RV Resort in Orlando.  Stop #1 on the adventure!