A Key West New Year!

My Parents, Jerry and Melanie have been full timing on throughout the US since February 2013 in their 22ft travel trailer.  They are wintering her in Florida and wanted to see Key West.  Since I had not yet made It to Key West we thought we would join them and Bettie, our motor home.






Our dry campsite at Navel Air Station Key West Sigsbee Point.





Duval Street and Downtown Key West on Thursday



After a nice walk up Duval street we had a great lunch at Sloppy Joe’s Bar.  The drinks and food were quite good and the live music was even better.






2 responses to “A Key West New Year!

  1. erichighland862671151

    When I was in the Coast Guard, I spent many a night on Duvall Street. Really enjoyed the photos in your article, and glad you got to spend time with your family.

    Question, how hard was it getting your rig that far south? Ours is 40′ long and we’ve never been to Key West in it. Any issues or concerns? Oh and what is the going rate for an RV park down there? You know like a ballpark figure?


    • We stayed at the NAS Key West Sigbee Park which I assume you have the rights to use as a retired Coast Guard employee. Thank you for your service! It is $15 per night to stay there. They have 300 or so dry camping spots and 50 or so FHU. You put your name on the list for the FHU and it will take a month or more during the winter months to get one and it is yours for 14 days…then it is back to dry camping. But it is all right on the water and they have an RV dump and water station and shower house. We only stayed 4 nights but we could have stayed the whole winter if we did not have to work… Of course I could only go with my parents…my dad is Navy and retired DOD. Other RV Parks in Key West can be north of $100 per night….so not an option for a longer stay…

      Getting to Key West was easy. Tons of other coaches on the road. We did have some bad winds coming home.

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