Tennessee: Our return home

Sunday morning we packed up the coach, aired up the tires, and hit the road.  Since there was not a level place to hook up the toad, we decided we would drive up to the Smoky Mountain NP Visitors Center to hookup.  Since all the National Parks had just opened back up a few days before the park was super busy!!  It took us 2 hours to drive about 5 miles from Twin Creek up to the Visitors Center. 

Stephanie talked to a few of the Park Rangers the previous day and decided that we would drive over US-441 through the Smokies.  I was quite nervous but Stephanie was ready to go!!  What a gorgeous drive!





It took us about an hour to transit the park.  We stopped at the Cherokee Visitors Center for lunch in the coach before heading down the road.



The rest of the day was spent on US-441 through Macon Georgia down to I-75.  We stopped at the Flying J in Cordele Georgia for the night.  By the way, if you need to stop for the night in Georgia, don’t stop in at the Cordele Flying J!  It was so noisy!  There were train tracks right behind the station that came by blasting the horn about every 30 minutes…  Ugg…


We arrived home about 2:30 on Sunday afternoon.  What an awesome trip!! 

I’ll be posting a little more detail about the two campgrounds we stayed at in the future.

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