Oil Change Time!

After the long trip to Tennessee (trip report in progress) the coaches oil was very dark and a bit “stinky”.  Not knowing what the previous oil change interval had been before we bought the coach this summer we figured it was ready.

This was the first time I have changed the oil on anything since High School shop class some 25 years ago…

Once the front of the coach was jacked up with the levelers the big oil pan I purchased fit perfectly on the cross member below the drain plug. I did have a bit on a spill issue when I removed the oil filter but that was quickly cleaned up.  Our Ford Triton V10 took 6 quarts of oil, we used 5W20 Mobil 1 Full Synthetic to try to extend the life of the engine and possible help with mileage.

We did have an issue getting the fresh oil in since the filler was at the top of the compartment and above the opening. We used a measuring cup to add 1 cup at a time… What is the best device for getting oil from 5 quart bottles into the engine??


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