TV Install–Part Two

Today I spent some time closing up the big hole that was left when I removed the old over dash TV.  I was able to use the vinyl from the old TV surround to cover a new panel.

photo 1

I glued and nailed a 1×2 across the opening to support the oak trim piece (which I am working on staining and finishing it and the door now) and to screw in the front edge of the panel.

photo 3

To hold the backend of the panel (closest to the front window) I cut two brackets from 1×2 that are glued/nailed to the panel and rest on top of the existing overhead covering that was left after I removed the old TV surround.

photo 2

Here is a look from my seat (Stephanie is driver extraordinaire!)

photo 4

I am not planning on finishing the inside of the cabinet.  We have so much storage now we really don’t need another finished space.  I may mount my router and MiFi device in here when I actually purchase one.  I think while I am at it I may also add another layer of insulation up there as well because there is a area that has no insulation at all…not sure why.

We still have not picked the cabinet to hold the new TV across from the sofa.  We were thinking just a plain 30” base cabinet from Lowes or Home Depot but Stephanie wants to wait to see if we find something on our first few trips that is more fun. We will just use the bedroom TV in Tennessee.

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