Short weekend trip to Lazyday’s Campground

We spent this past weekend at Lazyday’s Campground in Tampa.  This was the 3rd weekend in a row out with our new motorhome, and probably the last until our big Tennessee trip we have planned for October.  These past weeks have been “shakedown” trips to make sure everything was working properly and to get our two cats, Stanley & Ole, accustom to the RV lifestyle.

The good news is they both did really well!  We did loose Ole for a bit on our way back as he climbed into the back of the bedroom slide!  He came out on his own (thank God!) but now we know we need to do something about that before October.





To Do before Tennessee:

  • Find a way to block kitty access to the back slide (foam rubber blocks maybe?)
  • Remove the over head TV from above the dash (that thing rattles like it is going to take off to the moon!!!) and replace “the ugly chair” with a multi-use cat box / TV cabinet.
  • Upgrade to LED lighting (bought replacement lights, just need to wire them up)

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